Why Us?

In addition to our brand and SmartSearch™ recruiting methodology, The Edens Group possesses four clear market distinguishers that set us apart from our competitors:


As a leader in this market, The Edens Group’s name and reputation are synonymous with excellence. We are known for our straightforward, agile and candid approach, which encourages open communication, transparency throughout the process and significant attention to detail. The Edens Group is often referred to as “the best recruiting firm in town” and our focus remains on driving the process and helping our clients position themselves to attract and win the top talent.


We began in the recruiting industry long before the advent of the Internet. Having lived and worked through the recession of the early 1990’s, the Dot.com bubble and its burst, the 9/11 tragedy and subsequent layoffs and the Great Recession of 2008, we like to think that we’ve seen it all. The Edens Group has emerged stronger and more focused and connected than ever. Staying power through all of these turbulent times has demonstrated solid business practices and the wherewithal to persevere no matter what the circumstance. Building upon our solid foundation, we are continuously poised and ready to take on new and exciting challenges.


Can high-touch exist within high-tech? At The Edens Group, we advocate that it is more critical than ever before to build long-term personal relationships, provide valuable advice, act responsively with discretion and encourage face-to-face dialogues. We take pride in the quality of service and ever-present “human element” that we share with our clients and candidates. From the very beginning, we have cared deeply about our effect on our candidates, clients and community. In short, we are the antithesis of a “body shop.” People and their careers are not commodities for sale on the market; job change represents an opportunity to affect people and their career choices positively through knowledge, guidance and sincerity.


The Edens Group is unmatched at understanding the ever-changing landscape of IT; we make it our business to stay on top of emerging technologies and market trends. Our associates are well versed in the technologies they recruit for and actively participate in technical events that foster education, networking and information exchange. Many recruiting firms match buzzwords and send multiple resumes for one opening, hoping one will “stick.” We refer to this unsuccessful method as the BLAST approach (Buzzword Language Avoids Sending Talent). At The Edens Group, we work closely with our clients to understand their business size and culture, revenues, funding situation, product features and technical direction in order to deliver the most qualified and technically savvy candidates for each search.