Candidate Services

At The Edens Group, we recognize the importance of placing our candidates in positions that offer career growth, financial reward and a positive work environment. To ensure maximum value for both client and candidate, we are very selective about the organizations and professionals with whom we work. Our clients are the most innovative and progressive companies in the market today. As a candidate, you will be presented with some of the best job opportunities in the market when you engage our firm.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and remain in regular communication with our candidates, guiding them throughout the hiring process from resume preparation through final offer. Our team understands the need for confidentiality during the search process. We do not market resumes and will not share your information with a client without your authorization.

Candidate Confidentiality Commitment

Our reputation and experience are well regarded in the industry. At The Edens Group the cornerstone of excellence in recruiting includes trust, respect and the commitment to confidentiality in all endeavors. It is one of the standards of our practice and our reputation depends on it. We honor and hold ourselves as well as our clients to what we term the Candidate Confidentiality Commitment:

On behalf of our candidates, we agree to maintain the confidentiality of the information provided, developed or collected.  Additionally, we commit to honor all reasonable expectations of privacy. To maintain the respect and trust of our business partners, we will make every attempt to protect all “Proprietary Information” we receive, whether or not such information is related to them. Proprietary Information is any information developed, cultivated, discovered or compiled by The Edens Group in the course of business that is not readily available to the public.

Custom Candidate Process

The recruitment process of The Edens Group begins with a face-to-face meeting. The goal in mind is to understand your background and career requirements. We address technical, financial, geographic and growth needs in developing personalized search criteria.

Next, we directly approach companies that meet those requirements and arrange interviews where appropriate. Our close relationships with companies and their hiring managers allow us to provide the candidate with valuable information concerning corporate history, culture and interviewing style.

Based on our full-service commitment, we will resolve any unanswered questions and provide a suite of services to make your employment transition a smooth one. The Edens Group is regularly asked to advise on topics such as resignation recommendations, advice on unique company reimbursement arrangements and other hiring process details.